Common E-filing Rejection Categories, Reasons, and Solutions

Below are common reasons for rejection of filings submitted in E-MACS, grouped by category. If an e-filing is rejected, the e-filer will receive an email and a message in the filer's E-MACS Rejected Filing Queue. The table below contains further details, reasons, and suggested solutions to help avoid rejected documents and resubmit the e-filing, if necessary.


  1. Duplicate Filing
    Examples:  the document you are attempting to file has already been submitted for filing by another method, such as by mail or personal delivery; the document was already submitted by another e-filer; the document was loaded more than once in your E-MACS Cart, etc.

  2. Document Issue
    Examples:  the document is not signed; the signature on the document does not match the name on the e-filer account; the document is not dated; the document contains incomplete files; the attached image is not legible; documents were not uploaded as separate PDFs; a prohibited Appendix, instead of a permitted Addendum, is submitted, etc.

  3. The transcript is improperly submitted to the appellate courts.
    For most appeals, transcripts are filed with the district court or originating agency, not with the appellate courts. Transcripts, along with the remainder of the district court or agency record, will be forwarded to the appellate courts by court staff at the appropriate time. Unless you have been ordered to file the transcript itself with the appellate courts OR this is an attorney disciplinary proceeding, any attempt to file the transcript with the appellate courts will result in a rejected filing. Certificates, including transcript requests, initial certificates, and delivery certificates, are to be filed with the appellate courts. Do not include or attach the transcript when e-filing a certificate.

  4. Late Submission
    Late motions, briefs, and other documents may be resubmitted only if accompanied by a motion to accept. Please note that late notices of appeal, petitions for writs of certiorari, or petitions for further review cannot be accepted.



  • If a document is served via E-MACS before the clerk's office rejects the e-filing, the link in the service message will no longer work. Only the filer, not those who are served, receives a message when an e-filing is rejected.

  • Please see Frequently Asked Questions, "E-filings" section, for more information on how to resubmit a rejected e-filing.


Rejection Category Rejection Reason(s) Solution(s) to help avoid rejection /
Corrections needed for resubmission
Duplicate Filing The exact document has already been filed (e.g., by mail or another e-filer).
  • Please allow up to 10 minutes for delivery of an automated E-MACS filing submission notice to your registered email account, confirming that your e-filing was submitted. If you have not received an automated confirmation of your submission by this time, you may need to resubmit your filing.
  • E-filed documents do not require paper copies. Do not submit paper copies of any e-filed documents, except for briefs.
  • When submitting paper copies of an e-filed brief, please note in a cover letter accompanying those briefs that the brief has already been submitted electronically.
Different document types should not be submitted as one e-filing.
  • File an initial transcript certificate and a delivery certificate in the same case as two, separate filings.
  • File multiple transcript requests in the same case as separate filings.
  • Never combine e-filings for separate cases in a single submission.
The same file may have already been loaded more than once in your Cart/Draft Filing Queue. Check your Cart/Draft Filing Queue for duplicate entries that need to be deleted before you click the Submit Filings button.
Your payment was processed but the filing is still in your Cart. Please contact the clerk's office at 651-296-2581 or for assistance.
Separate filings were submitted for consolidated cases. After appellate files have been consolidated, a single e-filing in the lowest file number will automatically be docketed in all consolidated cases.
Document does not clearly indicate that it is an amended version of a previous filing. Clearly indicate on the title of the document that it is an amended filing, identify all changes or amendments by using bold print, all caps, underlining, or italics, and indicate the current date of the amended submission.
Document Issues - Signature The signature is missing. Add the signature, ensuring the signer matches the e-filer account.
The signer does not match the e-filer account.
  • For security reasons, the attorney whose e-filing account is used to submit a filing must be the same attorney who signed the filing and accepted responsibility for its contents.
  • Agency Records Manager accounts may be used only to submit the administrative record and cannot be used to submit documents on behalf of an attorney.
The signature is illegible or too light. Please use black ink when signing documents.
Document Issues - Date Submission is not dated. All documents must be signed and dated. See the "Document Issues - Signature" section for more information.
Transcript certificate indicates that delivery or filing "was" accomplished on a future date. Transcript delivery certificate must include actual date of delivery, which must be no later than date of signature and submission via e-filing.
Document Issues - General Field(s) not completed or correct. Ensure all fields are completed and correct.
Transcript delivery certificate does not include both the date of filing and date of delivery.
  • Transcript delivery certificates must include the dates and methods of filing with the district court and delivery to attorneys for each party separately represented on appeal.
  • Ensure the transcript is filed with the district court and resubmit an updated delivery certificate.
The document includes a prohibited Appendix.
The Addendum exceeds the page limit.
  • Please refer to Minn. R. Civ. App. P. 130.02(b)-(c) for page limit rules.
  • The entire document will be rejected unless the submission is accompanied by a motion to accept an enlarged Addendum.
Documents are incorrectly combined as one PDF and/or uploaded to the incorrect E-MACS screen.
  • Your Lead Document needs to be uploaded first.
  • Any Notice of Appeal, Proof of Service, Decision Appealed, Addendum, etc., needs to be uploaded as a separate document and on the appropriate E-MACS screen.
Document contains unredacted confidential identifiers. Refer to Minn. R. Civ. App. P. 112 before filing for general instructions on confidential information in the appellate courts. The following information must be redacted from documents before submitting them for filing in the appellate courts:
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Financial Account Numbers (bank account numbers displayed on copies of checks, credit card numbers listed on statements, Tax ID numbers listed on financial documents, etc.)
  • Information that identifies a juror, witness, or victim of a criminal or delinquent act.

In the event that confidential identifiers are relevant to the appeal, both a redacted copy and an unredacted copy should be filed. The unredacted copy should be accompanied by a motion to file under seal.

All pages are not oriented in the same direction. Ensure all pages are oriented in the same direction and none of the pages are upside-down.
Transcripts Transcripts are improperly submitted to the appellate courts.
  • Transcripts are not filed with the appellate courts. The certificate, but not the transcript itself, must be filed with the appellate courts. Except in attorney discipline matters or when a court order requires otherwise, only copies of the requests for transcripts, certificates as to transcript, and transcript delivery certificates are filed with the appellate clerk's office.
  • Transcripts must be filed with the agency or trial court administrator and delivered to the attorneys and unrepresented parties.
Late Submission Late submission.