Navigating E-MACS

Upon logging into E-MACS, you will be presented with the Home screen. Click here for information on features of the Home screen, including tasks you can initiate.

See below for tips on navigating through E-MACS.

Filing Process Navigation

During the process of creating and submitting a filing, a Filing Progress bar will appear. This bar displays the steps you'll be going through in the process of creating or editing a filing. You can also click a step on the Filing Progress bar to jump to that screen.

Returning to the Home Screen

Click the Appellate E-Filing header at any time in E-MACS to return to the Home screen.

Help Text

Many fields in E-MACS have helpful information that can be viewed by hovering over the Help icon ().

Required and Conditional Fields

Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk ().

Some fields are only required if a previous field is or is not filled out. These are indicated with a red up arrow (). Hover over the arrow in order to view requirements for the field.


If you receive an error for neglecting fill out or select from a required field, you will receive an error when clicking Next to proceed to the next screen. Clicking on the error message at the top of the screen will cause the missed field to glow red, alerting you to where you need to make a selection or enter information.

Create an Electronic Filing or Access Filing Queues

From any screen within E-MACS, you can create a new filing or review existing filings via the menu in the upper-left corner.

From the Filings menu, you can access Draft, Pending Clerk Review, Rejected, Error, and Approved filings. Refer to the Using the Filing Queues topic for more information.

Notifications, Cart, and User Account Management

View Notifications, access the Cart, and view/update your user information or logout via the icons located in the upper-right corner of any screen in E-MACS.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available in E-MACS.

Refer to Keyboard Shortcuts for more information.