E-MACS Overview

The Minnesota Appellate E-Filing Application (E-MACS) provides the ability for users to electronically file documents with the Clerk of Appellate Courts in cases pending before the court of appeals and the supreme court. Electronic service may also be accomplished, in some cases, when documents are e-filed with E-MACS.

E-filing with the appellate courts will offer users the following benefits:

Who may e-file with the Appellate E-Filing Application?

Initially, only those authorized by order of the Minnesota Supreme Court will be allowed to register for E-MACS, to file documents related to appeals.

After an initial pilot project with the appellate public defender’s office, the supreme court is expected to authorize additional groups of attorneys, court reporters, and self-represented parties to participate, and to expand e-filing to additional types of appeals.

How do I begin e-filing?

Refer to the Registering for E-MACS section for information on getting started using E-MACS.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for other helpful information about E-MACS.