Using E-MACS Help

This help system has many tools to assist you in locating the help you need. Utilize those tools by clicking the appropriate icon in the upper-left corner of the help window.

Help Tools


The table of contents categorizes help topics. Some help topics are organized in folders while others are listed separately.


Use the Index to search by keyword and jump to the related help topic.

  1. Scroll through the list of keywords or enter a keyword to jump directly to that topic.

  2. Click on a topic to display its help information.


You can locate all topics that contain a particular word or phrase.

  1. To search, enter a word or phrase (when using a phrase, add quotes around it) and click (or press Enter).

  2. From the list of results, select the topic you want to view. If results are too long, try the Index first or narrow your search.


The search results are listed using a ranking system (the ones at the top are the most relevant to your word or phrase search). To determine the ranking, it uses keywords and other structural elements found within the help topic.

Your search results may produce more than one page of results. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see how many pages or results have appeared.


For best results, use one word searches. If using a phrase, add quotes around the phrase (e.g., "docketing filter").

You can adjust the size of the columns in the search results to show more of the topic titles. See example below.