Frequently Asked Questions

Topic Revised: August 2018

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Further Support

Who can I contact if I need help?

E-Filing Availability

Who is currently authorized to e-file and on what case types?

Is e-filing mandatory?

Registering for E-Filing

Should legal assistants create their own E-MACS accounts?

How long after I register will it take before I can e-file?

Why do I have to take a test before I can e-file?

How many times can I take the test?

What are the rules for creating a username?

What are the rules for creating a password?

My Account Information

I forgot my password. How do I access my account?

How do I change my password?

How do I change my account information?

If my account information changes (firm, phone number, e-mail address, etc.), how should I notify the court of the change(s)?

How does an attorney with an inactive E-MACS attorney account create a second E-MACS account as a pro se/self-represented litigant?




How long does it take to file an appeal?

What does it mean to e-file on a new case?

How do I know which filing type and subtype to choose when e-filing?

When e-filing on an existing case, how do I find the case number?

What does it mean for an e-filing to be "submitted" vs. "filed"?

How will I know if I have successfully submitted an electronic filing?

When do I need to submit an e-filing by to be considered submitted that business day?

After submitting a filing, I received a notification that my filing was "Received - No Further Action." What does this mean?

Should I respond to any notification e-mails I receive?

How do I e-file a petition for further review (PFR)?

When should I request that a filing be confidential?

What should I do if I have received system error messages after I have repeatedly tried to upload and e-file a document on the date of an appellate filing deadline?

Documents - Formatting

What is the size limit for documents?

Will documents I e-file be available for view by the public?

What document file types can I upload to my e-filing?

What is the best color ink to use when I'm signing documents?

Do I need to submit paper copies of any documents I e-file?

Documents - Filing

When initiating a new case, where should I add the statement of the case?

When submitting a filing, where should I add a cover letter or any affidavits of service or proof of service?

How do I e-file an errata sheet?

Can or should I e-file my appellate mediation documents?

Can attorneys still visit the clerk's office in person to file a paper petition for writ?

Can I submit one e-filing that covers multiple transcript requests?



Who is responsible for redacting documents, to remove or segregate information that is not accessible to the public?

What information must the e-filer redact before submitting documents?

Will the clerk's office correct redaction errors in e-filed documents?


Rejected E-Filings

If an e-filing is rejected by the clerk's office, will the original date of submission be preserved?

Can I resubmit a rejected filing?

I resubmitted a rejected filing and it was approved. Why is the filing still appearing in my Rejected queue?


Can I use E-MACS to e-file and e-serve documents in the district courts?

Can I use the district court e-filing system (eFS) to serve documents related to an appeal?

Who will be served electronically by E-MACS?

When is an affidavit or other proof of service required?

What is the difference between “electronic service”, “E-MACS service”, and “e-mail service”?


Fees and Payment

What fees are associated with e-filing with E-MACS?

Will I be charged a convenience fee for using E-MACS?

How do I pay a filing fee if I have a court order waiving part (but not all) of the filing fee?

What credit card types are accepted for payment?