Notifications Overview

The Notifications feature of E-MACS allows you to receive notifications for:

Notifications can be reviewed from within E-MACS, via your e-mail, or both.

The Notifications icon () appears in the upper-right portion of every screen in E-MACS. This icon remains blacked out if you have no current unread notifications. If you have any new notifications, the icon will include the number of notifications in the lower-right portion of the icon.

Setting Your Notification Preferences

Your notification preferences are set from your account information screen. Refer to Maintaining Account Information for more information.

Accessing the Notifications Screen

  1. From any screen in E-MACS, click the Notifications icon () at the top of the screen to view your notifications. Note that you can also click the blacked out Notifications icon () to access the Notifications screen.

  2. If you have any unread notifications, its summary will appear in the pop up that displays. Click the summary to access the notification directly.

Otherwise, click View All to access the Notifications screen.

Viewing Notifications

Any unread notifications will appear in the Notifications section of the Notifications screen. Click a specific notification to view its details.

Marking a Notification as Read/Unread

  1. Check the checkbox for a specific notification.

  2. Click Mark Read or Mark Unread.

Marking a notification as "Read" will remove it from the main Notification screen, while marking one as "Unread" will cause it to appear on the main Notification screen.