Home Screen Overview

Upon accessing E-MACS, you will be presented with the Home screen, which will resemble the figure below. From the Home screen, you can begin a new filing, access previous filings, access your cart, view notifications, and other tasks.

Featured on the Home screen are summaries of your filings: draft filings, filings pending clerk review, accepted filings, rejected filings, and error filings. You can also display summaries of filings with which you have been served, and the contents of your cart. You can control which summaries display on the Home screen by clicking the gear icon in the upper right portion of your screen and checking the box next to the summaries you want to display.

More complete information about your filings is available in the filing queues, accessible by hovering over the Filings tab in the upper left. These queues – for draft, pending clerk review, accepted, rejected, and error filings – contain links to your filings from the preceding 60 days (the queues will not display filings older than 60 days). Please see the Using the Filing Queues help topic for more information.

Managing the Home Screen View

  1. From the Home screen, click the gear icon ().

  2. Check/uncheck the elements you would like to add to or remove from the Home screen.

  3. Click Save.

Create a New Filing

See Create a Filing for a New or Existing Case for more information.

Access the Filing Queues

See Using the Filing Queues for more information.

Access Your Cart

See Cart for more information.


If you have filings in your cart, it will be indicated by a number next to the Cart icon. If you have no filings in your cart, the icon will be grayed out.

View Your Notifications

See Notifications for more information.